Building Brand Loyalty – Are You Targeting the RIGHT Consumer?

Brand LoyaltyOne of the biggest issues that retailers face, especially in today’s mobilizing marketplace, it building brand loyalty and retaining loyal customers. After all, if a customer can find a better deal, or doesn’t feel as though their needs are being met, they will quickly switch to one of your competitors. In this blog we offer our top 3 steps to building and ensuring brand loyalty. The market is changing constantly, so you need to be focussed on continually updating your strategies.

3 steps to building brand loyalty:

Step 1: Make sure that you are targeting the right consumers. A major hurdle in the Canadian CPG industry is dealing with the generational gap. All consumers are not the same – their wants and needs differ greatly – so if you treat them all the same none of them will be completely satisfied. Instead, you need to cater to the differences. Younger generations are often more receptive to experiential marketing or digital marketing, whereas older generations are often more responsive to coupons and promotions. Don’t ever discount one for the other.

Step 2: Make sure that these consumers are engaged. This can be accomplished a number of different ways (and can be used to market to ALL consumers). Firstly, make sure that customers are receiving the right support (re: finding items that are not on the shelf) and answers to their questions. Secondly, employ an experiential marketing campaign to attract attention, especially when promoting a new product. These things will help establish an emotional connection with your brand. These tactics will also help with brand recognition and boost sales.

Step 3: Make sure that these consumers are experiencing a high level of customer service. Brand loyalty is built upon a foundation of solid customer experience, so if your customers leave your store unsatisfied with the level of service they have received, chances are pretty good that they won’t be returning for seconds. Don’t let long line ups or idle employees cause a decrease in customer experience levels.

A great tactic to adopt when facing stagnant levels of brand loyalty is to leverage the services of a merchandising company to garner a boost. By employing their methods for success, an experienced merchandising company can examine problem areas, suggest changes that will have big impacts, and implement the adjustments smoothly.

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