Do You Have a Social Strategy for 2012?

2012 is quickly approaching and I am astonished by how many large organizations I still encounter who:

  1. Have no social media presence at all
  2. Have social media but no social strategy
  3. Have not prioritized social media as a top priority in their marketing plans

At this stage in the game there is no valid reason in my mind for an organization to not be engaging in Social Media. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should have a social strategy for 2012.

Stay Competitive

While you are mulling over the idea of Social Media, your competition is not. More and more brands have established an aggressive Social Media strategy, connecting and communicating with prospects at record speeds. While you are mulling over the idea of Social Media, your competition are likely building their followings, running social contests and campaigns and increasing their share in the online marketplace.

Stay Connected

Once a prospect or customer connects to you on a social platform they have permitted you to communicate on an ongoing basis. Each time you post information, an article, image, video, promo contest etc…, the communication spiders out over your social network and can have a very powerful effect.

More Affordable Than Other Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a fraction of the cost of other mainstream marketing platforms like print ads, radio, television and even SEO. You can hire an experienced Social Media Marketing company to facilitate your Social Media Marketing initiative at a fraction of the cost of an entry level admin. Most companies only find themselves having to allocate less than 10% of their annual marketing budget to Social Media Marketing – with very powerful results.

Be Current and In Touch

With each younger generation comes an even deeper grasp of technology. Just 10 years ago people were still using phone books and reading magazines. Now we have online magazines, search engines, tablets and a wide range of other mobile devices. Information is literally at our fingertips and the way that we find information has changed.

Especially if you are a business who offers technology as a product like software, online applications or are an IT Firm, you should have a social presence. Consumers and Businesses want to connect to organizations that are on the cutting edge.

New Relationships = New Business

In the past, cold calls and networking events were the way for business development reps to get meetings and make deals. Now, using websites like Linkedin (when used effectively) enable us to connect with new prospects on mass and without even leaving our desks. This saves companies huge in time, resources and expenses.

We hope that we have made our case as to why Social Media should be a top priority for 2012. It doesn’t have to be difficult either. Assure Assess offers cutting edge Social Media Marketing programs that are designed to make engaging in effective Social Media effortless, because we do the work for you.

Our programs include Corporate Social Media Marketing campaigns that include creation and maintenance of your presence on the 10 major social platforms, Executive Social Media Marketing, Linkedin lead generation and lead nurturing and Social Media training.

Our number one goal is to see you succeed!

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