Good Production and the Value of a Good Production Shop

Good Production and the Value of a Good Production Shop

Many businesses make the fatal mistake when advertising of cutting corners to save money. Cutting corners could result in a cut to the quality and consistency of your image.

This often happens when companies allow radio and television stations to throw in complimentary production of their commercials. The development of a strong brand has a major creative component and each producer/artist/designer will apply their own skill and style to their production value.

When our firm manages a client who is taking their business to the next level we drive the entire process and use the top notch production services of Ontrack Communications to ensure that a clear, consistent and professional message is communicated through every aspect of our client’s communications. Our clients enjoy unlimited access to good production services, talent and projects directed by Tim McLarty who has been in the forefront of the advertising business for the past 20 years.


Communications are not limited to advertising. Communications can include email, letterhead, business cards, signage, how your office is staged and your website, just to name a few. There are also non visible communications like the message that is sent through your staff to your customers.

Inconsistent creative – an inconstant message and a successful brand is one that is recognizable right down to colour and font. This is created through a good production shop.

If you are a small business owner do an experiment. Take your business card, letterhead, a screenshot of your website and any other promotional material you have released to the public recently and spread them out on a table. Then write down your website name on a piece of paper and place it on the table.

If there is colour in your logo, is it the same on each item on the table?
Is the font consistent?

Would you say that your website best represents everything you want your business to be?
Do you speak to a niche in the marketplace through the collateral on the table?

If your answer was no to any of these questions then it’s time to take a step back. There is good value in good production. You are a business owner and it doesn’t take much cost or effort to clean up your image.

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