Google Plus – Accepting the Update Can Cause Major Workflow Problems between Other Google Accounts

Google Plus – Accepting the Update Can Cause Major Workflow Problems Between Other Google Accounts

Yesterday we released a review dealing with our opinion of the social aspect of Google Plus.

This morning’s article is about a major workflow issue that occurred the second time logging in after we accepted the Google Plus invitation and it appears to occur when you have multiple Google Products! Those who don’t understand technology may perceive this as the same as a technical issue.

Since our problem occurred immediately after we joined Google Plus, we are associating the event to the fact that we joined Google Plus.

It seems that when creating Google Plus, Google made a major change dealing with how they organize and administer accounts. They have created something called “conflicting accounts”. Conflicting accounts occur when you create a “Google Apps” account when you previously had accounts associated to other Google products like AdWords using the same email address .

Google Plus is a Google Apps account.

If you are sent an invitation to Google plus at an email address that is associated to other Google products, it will, without warning trigger a “Conflicting Accounts” issue.

To demonstrate just how large an issue this is, here are the Google products that we use that Google listed as conflicting accounts:
1. Analytics / Website Optimize
2. Blogger
3. Google AdWords
4. Google Alerts
5. Google Buzz
6. Google Docs
7. Google News
8. Google Talk
9. Merchant Center
10. Orkut
11. Picasa Web Albums
12. Web History
13. YouTube

After accepting a Google Plus invitation, if you have a conflicting account, your Google username will be changed from your email address to a ‚Äö√Ñ√∫temporary‚Äö√Ñ√π username created by Google. You will be also prompted to transfer data from your personal Google Accounts to your new ‚Äö√Ñ√∫Google Apps‚Äö√Ñ√π organizational account — Again, this occurs when joining Google Plus because Google Plus is a Google Apps account.

After following the prompts you will be led to a screen where it asks you to enter your Google username and password from your original Google Account… only at this point it will tell you that your password is WRONG (when really it’s not).

There is a second option to add your email address to the temporary account that Google created. When you attempt to do that it says that the email is “already in use”. When you click the radio button for help, it brings you to a page about “Conflicting Accounts” where it explains that to correct the problem, you will have to change your email address in your original Google Account.

Only, once you have accepted the Google Plus invitation (which creates a Google Apps account) your original account disappears without warning and you have a new “temporary” Google I.D. The original account is gone – there is no original account to go to, to remove an email address or change the email address. The Google solution for conflicting accounts does not work.

Then to boot – Google offers no support other then the ability to send an email.

Google Plus is brand new and in beta, so problems should be expected. I think however, a little warning might have been helpful – something like “accepting this invitation will cause a major change to ALL of your Google accounts”….

Our recommendation right now is, if you are responsible for a brand and are using other Google products – wait to accept your Google Plus invitation – unless you have a lot of time to sort out a disaster. It’s like a little grenade.

Some in our office have speculated that this may be part of a forced update or upgrade by Google that will begin to affect users in waves as they move to this new Google Apps account format. I am not convinced as we were impacted right after we accepted the invitation to Google Plus and created the Google Apps account.

To experiment on Google Plus – try accepting the new invitation using an email address NOT associated to your other Google products or your brand. That will enable you to be able to test it out, without disrupting your day. Once Google has ironed out this “account migration process” consider adding it to your brand to it.

As it stands right now we have an inquiry into Google and are waiting for a response. We will write again when we receive more direction on how to correct the problem to help those who may already have conflicting accounts.

As we mentioned in our last article, if you haven’t been invited to Google Plus and want to be, send us your email address and we will invite you – with a HUGE disclaimer that if you want to be invited to an email address that is associated to other Google products, you could be in for a headache =)

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