Profits at Your Fingertips: The Advantages of Social Media and Marketing

Marketing has always been a vital part of any company’s growth. Keeping up with changes in the marketing environment is crucial to any corporation’s success, and falling behind can have a devastating impact on your bottom line. So how can you keep abreast of the changes taking place in the marketing environment: by recognizing the links between social media and marketing. Marketing doesn’t have to be super expensive anymore. By taking advantage of the vast opportunities that exist with social media and marketing, you can grow your business simply by employing the services that exist on the web.

Starting up a campaign that accomplishes effective marketing with social media may seem overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. Working with a company that links social media and marketing makes it easy. Handing over the reins to social media marketing experts gives you the freedom to continue with your daily work while your marketing is taken care of through social media.

Don’t see how social media and marketing are linked? Let’s look at some stats:

-          It is estimated that social media reaches 80% of all active internet users in the United States alone (and there are over 240 million).

-          Out of every 7 minutes spent online, 1 minute is spent on Facebook.

-          91% of practiced social media marketers have found improved traffic to their website thanks to social media.

-          85% find that using social media and marketing together has generated more business exposure.

-          79% find that social media and marketing lead to more quality lead generation.

Clearly social media and marketing work hand in hand to generate more business. If it is done properly, social media and marketing can work together to allow you to not only free up some capital but also gain new clients.

Since social media and marketing are linked, it makes perfect sense to find a company that knows how to use social media as a marketing tool to its full advantage. But it has to be a company that can provide you with the right services to get the job done.

Why not just do it yourself? Well, here is something to think about: a social media marketing survey found that more than half of the marketers polled reported using social media and marketing for at least 6 hours a week, and a third said they used it for at least 11. Now, most companies don’t have 6+ hours a week to dedicate to social media and marketing, so why not take the opportunity presented by a social media marketing company and let someone else do the work for you. That way you know that it is being done right. Knowing the sites that need to be utilized, the followers that need to be targeted, and how to use search engine optimization to its fullest potential is the job of an experienced social media marketing firm.

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