RetailWire – What Generational Differences Mean for Your Merchandising

MerchandisingIt is no surprise today to find that generation gaps are highly influential when it comes to your merchandising. Individuals in different demographic sectors want different things. Their expectations when it comes to not only the products they purchase but their overall experiences vary greatly, and as such require different marketing methods.

A recent release from RetailWire got us thinking about generational differences and what they mean for your merchandising, so we thought we’d share it. The article, “Gen X Wants the Steak, Gen Y Wants the Sizzle Too,” looks at a recent study done by GfK. This Brand Benchmark survey found that “Generations X and Y are attracted to functionality, the Gen Yers place more value on brand image.”

According to GfK, brand image has a lot to do with perception – is the brand trustworthy? Does the brand understand consumer needs? Are they reliable and committed? These are what influence Gen Yers the most. Quality and visibility also factor in here.

For Gen X and Gen Y shoppers, functionality reigns supreme. This means whether or not the product does what they need it to do, perhaps without the added buzz, is the Gen Yers are looking for.

So what? Why does this matter? Well, when it comes to your merchandising these generational differences should play a major role. For more information, check out the full article here:

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