How Much Do You Know? The Importance of a Retail Audit

Auditing the performance of a brand or store it a vital part of retailers and brands really being in the know about what is happening at the retail level.

Manufacturers: Want to fight against phantom inventory, poor employee knowledge regarding your brands, or compete with competitors’ pricing? You need to know about all of these things before you can strategize a plan. An audit can ensure your retailers are giving your brands the shelf-time you pay for.

Retailers: Want to make sure your employees are treating customer courteously and providing assistance? Want to make sure each retail location is in the best shape possible? Get the information you require to make changes with a retail audit.

The type of retail audit you conduct determines the level and quality of insights that you gain – and these insights can go a long way when it comes to ensuring your brands or your stores perform the best they can.

In this free e-book we cover types of retail audits and what you should include to ensure that your retail audit is a smashing success!