Social Media Strategies will Support all Other Media

Social Media Strategies will support all other Media

Advertising has changed, big time! Companies have to be fast to adapt if they want to stay ahead.

As recently as 10 years ago companies would rely on traditional advertising like television, radio and magazines to drive sales and increase their brand recognition. Things have changed.

Now so many receive their communications through the internet. Instead of buying music we can download it, we can read the newspaper online, watch television shows on our computers and more…

This has resulted in what I call, “the social media revolution”. Well known sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and You Tube have proven that people will use the internet to socialize with friends and colleagues. It has created a new, lower cost forum for companies to advertise.

Really the number one way to gain exposure is to rank high (come up at the top) on search engines like Google and have focused Social Media Strategies.

When many people think of Social Media they think of Facebook and Twitter but in fact Social Media is so much more than the 2-3 main sites we hear about all the time. There are so many different types of Social Media sites that you can take advantage of, some that you may have never heard of. These sites include social sites, blogs, microblogs, article and video sharing sites, bookmarking sites, online directories, online classifieds and more….

Social Media Strategies such as releasing articles and video blogs across a vast selection of Social Media sites will help you get invaluable online exposure. Of course with Social Networking, content is king. You must write and title your articles in a way that your market will find them. Instead of calling an article “Everything you need to know about Social Media” you could name it “how to use Social Media to increase sales”. Always be mindful when writing articles that you try to keep your sequences of words simple so that the Google crawlers can find them easily.

Finally, driving sales through Social Media Strategies boils down to frequency. The more you post the more results you will observe. If you don’t have time to maintain your Social Media, hire a company to set it up and maintain it for you. If you are a business owner, you can`t afford not to be online.

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