Social Media Tools for Executives not Currently Engaging in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Tools for Executives not currently engaging in Social Media Marketing

I can’t tell you how many times I meet executives and when I ask if I can add them to my Linkedin professional network, the response is “What’s Linkedin?”

Linkedin is just one of many Social Media Tools that executives use to stay connected with colleagues, clients, perspective clients and more… In the past executives networked through lunches, telephone calls and introductions at events and seminars. The Social Media revolution has spawned new and simplified ways to connect.

Are you a creature of habit? The most common reasons that executives have communicated to me that they have resisted using Social Media tools such as starting a blog, a twitter account or other Social Media presences are:

1. Do not have the time
2. Embarrassed that they haven’t taken the time to keep up with technology
3. Know so little that they do not know where to start
4. Do not understand how it will help them
5. Cannot draw a direct correlation to sales that resulted from Social Media

So what do you do? Continue to resist the future or jump on board. With the Social Media revolution has come an entire industry to support businesses and business owners who want to benefit from incredible online exposure. This includes companies, like ours, that will set up and maintain your Social Media presence utilizing a vast range of Social Media tools that will help your business grow.

What you need to know:

You get what you pay for. There are some bargain basement online services that may offer very low fees. This can come with a huge price tag to your professional credibility. It is imperative that your Social Media presence is conducive with your brand. All content posted to your Social Media is a reflection of you.

Frequency, frequency, frequency. If you are looking to use Social Media to drive sales, you will need to be posting more frequently (once per/week or more). If you are simply looking to increase your online image and credibility then you can post updates less frequently (once per month).

Anyway you look at it, resisting Social Media will cost you and the future of your organization big time.

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