Visual Merchandising: Mass Merchants Need Displays

Visual MerchandisingWhen it comes to visual merchandising, we all know that having a plan in place is important – but how important is it? Do customers really pay that much attention? Can a visually striking display actually garner that much attention and increase sales? According to the 2014 Mass Merchant Study by Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), yes, they can!

Discussing the Mass Merchant Study, an article on RetailWire made some important points. The study revealed some really interesting results as far as visual merchandising, and keeping these in mind the next time you sit down to re-establish or fine-tune your marketing strategy is probably a really smart idea.

Perhaps the most notable finding was that 82% of purchase decisions are made in-store. What does this mean for you? The article had this to say: “Consumers who shop at mass merchandisers make a lot of decisions about what they’re going to buy at the shelf. Getting them to buy more has a lot to do with retailers’ in-store media and display strategies and tactics.”

Additionally, according to the article, the study found that 34% of shoppers don’t rely on a shopping list. Again, this means far more opportunities for you to entice and attract.

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So, how can you take these stats and turn them into ROI? By implementing various strategies into your visual merchandising plan that yield real results. For more about how to get your in-store visual merchandising strategy up-to-snuff, please contact Storesupport today by calling 1-877-421-5081.