What To Do After The Linkedin Password Hack

This week, news broke that Linkedin was hacked and as many as 6million users may have had their passwords stolen.

They still don’t know how many people were impacted. Some of my clients have been asking me, ‚Äö√Ñ√∫How can a hacker cause me harm by having access to my Linkedin account?‚Äö√Ñ√π.

The problem is that many people use the same password on multiple and sometimes all of their online accounts. For example, your password on Linkedin may be the same as your password on GMAIL, Paypal, online banking, etc…

I can recall one incident where a client gave his Twitter password to a service provider and it was the same password he was using on Paypal. The next day, someone attempted to transfer thousands of dollars out of his Paypal account. Fortunately, Paypal caught it, but this is a more common form of fraud than you may think and this is the main reason that the Linkedin hack is such a concern.

Your best bet is to follow the mantra “better to be safe than sorry”. You should really change your Linkedin password, but also, and more importantly, any other accounts that have the same password should be changed as a priority. Especially if they unlock a gateway to your money or any email account that could be used to reset passwords on other accounts (GMAIL, Hotmail, Yahoo etc…

Moving forward, and as a good rule of thumb (and I know this is going to sound like a pain), try to ensure that online accounts that involve access to your banking, credit card information and email accounts have different passwords. You can make this easier on yourself by making them similar but slightly different enough that they couldn’t easily be guessed by a criminal. For example:

  • Facebook: Oranges50%FB
  • Paypal: PP50%Oranges
  • Linkedin: 50%LIOranges

DO NOT follow the above exact examples, those were simply examples to show you how you could do it to make it easier to organize and remember lots of different passwords . Also, maintaining a secure file with all your user names and passwords is also useful.

Incidences like the Linkedin hack happen all time. Even more secure providers like Sony, MasterCard and more., have had customer data stolen. The best thing you can do is adapt, act quickly and take extra steps to protect your information.

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You can also find out more information about the Linkedin password hack here http://mashable.com/2012/06/06/linkedin-password-check.