Who Should Own the Social Media Profile?

There has been a lot in the news about legal battles that have ensued because of employees who open up Social Media Accounts and then think that they get to keep them when they leave the company.

This is one reason why it is important for a company to have a defined policy about Social Media. Employees should not be allowed to arbitrarily create a presence (even if they are trying to be helpful) on a Social Platform for an organization.


  1. They may feel that the presence is his or hers
  2. You have no control over what messages they send on it
  3. It may not be consistent with your branding or follow your brand guidelines
  4. If they leave they may try to retain ownership of the presence and followers

Social Media Marketing is a decision that should be made by an organization and should be facilitated by the organizations in house marketing team or by a Social Media Marketing service provider.

  1. The organization should control the creation of the social presences so that the employees clearly understand that they are owned by the organization.
  2. The email address used to create the social presence should be a general email address that is owned, administered and controlled by the company.
  3. The company should provide authorized employees with the username and login and be advised that they are being authorized to access the account and that it is not his or her account.
  4. The user information entered when the Social Presence is created should be that of an officer/director of the corporation so that there is no confusion as to who owns the platform.

Taking these steps will ensure that if you have an employee that goes rogue you will have little trouble getting ownership of the presence back from the Social Media Platform provider without a legal battle because you will be established as the owner from the outset.