Win, Lose or Draw: The Ultimate Brand Loyalty Review

This e-book reviews various companies’ brand loyalty.

We offer four case studies of some of Canada’s most well known companies: Target, Hudson’s Bay, Heinz and Rona. Review what they’ve done in the past to obtain brand loyalty, or the ways in which they’ve managed to lose it, and use this information as a point for reference for your own marketing strategy.

With some great statistics and important information on consumer behaviour, this e-book delves deep into what works and what doesn’t. Why did Target flounder in Canada, and so soon after it opened? How has Hudson’s Bay managed to retain the loyal following it has, even after a slump and subsequent re-visioning? What is to come in the future? We answer these questions and more.

Brand loyalty is a fickle beast – why not use all available information to make sure you are always at the top of your game.