Going That Extra Mile – How to Ramp Up Your Brand Recognition

Brand RecognitionIn today’s competitive retail environment there are a number of ways to work to ensure sales. There are myriad consumer types and catering to all of these can be incredibly difficult. That being said, one of the most important strategies that every retailer needs to adopt is ensuring brand awareness and brand recognition. Brand recognition is essential not only because it brings people to your store in the first place, but also because it keeps them coming back.

Sure, we can spout off all we like about the importance of brand recognition, but how about we back it up with something concrete? Consider this: according to the Harris Interactive Customer Experience Impact Report, 60% of consumers often or always pay more for a better experience. That means that if you are providing top-of-the-line service, your customers will remember. Not only that, many of these customers will positively endorse you when given the chance.

Ok, brand recognition is clearly important – but how is it directly related to sales and influence?

Here are some perhaps not-so-surprising social media specific stats from ATYM Market Research that might get you thinking:

85% – Internet users with Facebook accounts
49% – Internet users with Twitter accounts
74% – those Facebook members who use the site daily
35% – those twitter members who use the site daily
29% – Twitter users who follow a brand on Twitter
58% – Facebook users who have liked a brand

Do these make a difference? Big time! People are far more likely to be influenced when purchasing when someone in their social network has liked or endorsed a brand.

Once they are in the door, how can you keep them coming back? The best way is excellent customer service. People don’t want to have to ask for items that are not on the shelf (indeed many will just opt for another item or look for it at a different store), especially if there are no employees around to ask. People also don’t like to shop in unorganized stores – things should be easily accessible as much as they are eye-catching. Your brand is essentially your reputation, so you have to protect it.

Marketing alone will garner some sales, but if your brand can’t live up to or even create an image that consumers will come to trust, you are only doing the job halfway.

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