How To Market Your Business – It’s Your Best Investment


How To Market Your Business – It’s Your Best Investment




The best investment ever, is your own business but the key is how to market your business.

I have met so many business owners whose businesses aren’t growing and aren’t competitive for many reasons. Many times it is the business owner preventing the growth of their own business.

I debate so many business owners about taking the plunge and testing out advertising, adjusting workflow, staffing and even changing the aesthetic of their offices to fit their brand to be more inviting to employees and customers. Many business owners are of the mindset that running lean is the way to go. Running lean may keep up the bottom line while you are small, but eventually this will stall and prevent growth and even cause you to lose money.

These same business owners, while running lean will often then invest their profits into stocks and other investments, meanwhile the best investment ever, was in fact their business.

Henry Ford said “a man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops his watch to save time”.

With all reward comes some risk. To mitigate risk, have a plan. Increase your knowledge on how to market your business. Review your products and services and identify the ones that are most profitable. Who is buying these products? Identify a client “profile” that represents the clients, who is most likely to purchase your products and services?

Work with an advisor, like Assure Assess who specializes in helping organizations achieve growth. An experienced advisor will be able to guide you how to market your business through looking at what you’re doing now, identifying issues and craft business, marketing and advertizing strategies to help your business.

Finally don’t be afraid to take the plunge by investing in your business. It could be the best investment you ever make!

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