Managing Directors for Facebook and Linkedin Talk Social Media

Managing Directors for Facebook and Linkedin Talk Social Media

Here is a stream from the Strictly Business Event hosted by JVS Toronto (an organization that helps people find jobs) that we attended this year. The keynote speakers were Jonathan Lister, Managing Director of Linkedin (Canada and Latin America) and Jordan Banks, Managing Director of Facebook (Canada).

We were particularly inspired by Jordan’s presentation on Social Media so we decided to share the video stream with you. Jordan makes a “class A” presentation about what Facebook means to brands and does so in a very clear manner. He also explained how the internet has evolved and what it means to both individuals and brands.

We have found that some industries don’t quite yet understand how a Facebook page fits with their marketing direction and I think that this video will add a lot of clarity.

After watching this presentation we are interested to hear your feedback.

**** A special thank you to JVS Toronto for a fantastic event. JVS helps people find jobs and really makes a difference. If you would like more information about JVS Toronto, please visit