Marketing Tips to Discovering Your Niche Market

Marketing Tips to Discovering Your Niche Market

On a past article I discussed what a niche market is. To refresh your memory, a niche market is a specific segment of the market that a business may target.

If your business offers very general service, one way to be more competitive is to discover a niche in your marketplace. Some marketing tips to discovering your niche market are:

Look at your customer base. Is there a large percentage that represent a specific age or employment demographic?

Look at your products and services. Is there a way you can position a particular product or service to appeal to a specific type of consumer or business?

We have a client who owns a hair salon located in the business district of the city. I asked them which clients have been most profitable. They said that sometimes they would get large groups of business women coming in for spa services. They all appeared corporate and in their mid forty’s. Group bookings were the most profitable service offered by the spa.

This is an excellent example of a niche market. This market can easily be tapped into through a landing page promoting group spa packages or by promoting it locally to the businesses as a special service that they can’t miss out on.

The above marketing tips will help you figure out the niche you want to target and once you do, hire a communications company to craft a message that is just for the niche market. Create a landing page (a sell page) that is an extension of your companies regular services that only promotes the services that speaks directly to the niche market.

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