Retail Marketing Trends – Can You Keep Up?

Marketing TrendsThe retail industry, especially the CPG industry, has never been a place where the phrase “set it and forget it” applies. Continuous change requires strategy in order to keep up. We are more than halfway through 2013 and in order to keep you up-to-date we thought it time to give you some advice on how to stay current.

Here is our list of the top retail marketing trends as we continue into the latter part of 2013.

Power of a physical presence – just as online shopping has had an impact on bricks and mortar locations, many online-only retailers are recognizing the power of a physical presence and setting up shop as a result. This necessitates the demand for retailers to maintain a high level of customer service in-store and well as the need for innovative customer attention-grabbing maneuvers.

Generational marketing – retailers need to be cognizant of the gaps that exist between generations. As baby boomers, society’s largest group, age, their needs change, and so too does the need to market to them specifically. Don’t rely solely on things like social media or mobile marketing – these tactics are often lost on this group. (But don’t ignore them either – they are critical!)

Cost-cutting measures – employee cutbacks are no longer the most intelligent business practice as far as cutting costs. Retailers looking to bring overhead down need to appreciate the impact that getting rid of employees can have on the bottom line. Too few employees in-store can mean shelves are not being stocked efficiently, line ups are far too long, and customers are not getting the assistance they need/want. Instead of hiring and firing as the market dictates, consider working with a merchandising company that can offer staffing support only when needed and avoid the additional costs that accompany this seasonal output.

Print is here to stay – printed advertisements and displays still remain a very powerful vehicle on the road to customer attraction. But remember, if a display is static, regulars will forget it, and it loses its power altogether. Constant change with regard to displays and planograms is critical in order to stay in the game.

So how can you achieve your goals by employing these trends to your advantage without having to increase greatly the time spent on them? Find a merchandising company that offers a suite of services which includes the things outlined here. That way you can be sure that trends are being followed correctly.

For more information about retail marketing trends for 2013 or to find out how a merchandising company can help you harness their power please contact Storesupport by calling 1-877-421-5081.