Viral Marketing and the Different Types of Video Blogs

Viral Marketing and the Different Types of Video Blogs

Viral Marketing through video blogs is an effective form of marketing and video blogging has become increasingly more popular in business. With Social Networking sites like Facebook, You Yube, Flickr, Bebo and Multiply, video blogging can be used as a way to increase exposure, drive traffic to your website, improve communications with your clients and drive sales.

It sounds easy but video blogs can be like public speaking. I have seen even the most charismatic professional freeze up in front of the camera. Some sweat, twitch, stutter and look totally uncomfortable. If this sounds like you, experimenting with viral marketing through different types and formatting of video blogs can make someone who is nervous and uncomfortable, shine.

Different types of video blogs:

The Rant – this is where you just talk straight into the camera.
This is the most common style of video blog. You have to be very fluid and confident in order to create a video rant that sounds professional and well put together.

The Interview – this is the style that we recommend if you are nervous on camera.
An interview style blog involves someone asking you questions on or off screen, like an interview. We always recommend inserting a text slide of each question while it is being asked. This often generates a great result because the interviewee is focused on the interviewer and not the camera.

There are also many things you can do to jazz up your video blog. Work with a media consultant to come up with a brand and name for your video blogs and present them as a series. A good consultant will bring in the right creative resources to put the added professional touch on your final product creating seamless viral marketing for your organization.

Corporate video blogs should be branded and begin with a slide that includes your company logo and colours and end with a slide either directing the viewer to your website or to contact you, whichever you prefer.

Video blogs are a powerful and affordable way to get to get a lot of exposure.

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