Web-video Not Streaming on Mobile Devices? No Problem!

Web-video Not Streaming on Mobile Devices? No Problem!

You may or may not know this but often times when video code from services like YouTube is embedded into a webpage it does not stream on mobile devices.

Because video is such an important component to Social Media we often have clients ask us how they can stream their video on mobile devices or if there is an alternate to YouTube that produces code that can be easily embedded into a blog or other Social Media AND that will stream on mobile devices?

We have been using and highly recommend Vimeo. We just love it! We are raving about them so much that you would almost think that we work for them =)

Vimeo is a web-based service that enables you to upload and stream your video like you would on sites like Youtube. Vimeo is ideal for those who are releasing professional video for business purposes. Vimeo offers a basic, plus and pro account.

The Vimeo basic account (free) is too basic to even talk about. We have Vimeo Pro and feel that it provides the most value for the cost which is only $199 per/year. Vimeo Plus costs $60 per/year.

Vimeo Plus and Pro accounts offer the ability to:

  1. Upload up to 5G per/week worth of video
  2. Upload much longer videos than the 15 minutes permitted on YouTube
  3. Stream Video in HD
  4. Offer a direct link to the video
  5. Generate the code to embed the video into a webpage, blog or Social Media
  6. Upload the video in a format that will stream on mobile

Vimeo is highly customizable so you can:

  1. Remove the Vimeo logo
  2. Customize the colors of the Vimeo Player
  3. Loop the video or leave it on the last panel (vs. public video sites that will auto generate the next similar video)

We just find this service very user friendly and it really does a lot so we decided to share it with you. With the new HTML 5 and other mobile friendly technology more and more websites are built mobile friendly – however there are many organizations that have mobile friendly sites without mobile friendly video.
Can video on your website be streamed on mobile?

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